Jurassic Park, Home Alone and The Matrix are among the greatest movies of the 1990s, according to Brits.

Steven Spielberg’s ground-breaking dinosaur hit continues to spawn sequels and Home Alone is loved all year-round movie – despite being a festive flick.

The Matrix, which turns 20 years old this year, has been lauded for taking CGI to a new level and influencing a host of movies including countless comic book movies…..

Commissioned by CHILI, subscription-free movie and TV streaming service, the research of 2,000 adults found we just can’t enough of films from 1990s.

Eighteen per cent of all movies watched by them were released in the 1990 and 35 per cent said that decade is ‘unquestionably’ their favourite era of cinema.

According to those polled, this is partly down to their catchy soundtracks, quotable lines and shocking plot twists.

Giorgio Tacchia, CEO of CHILI, said: “With Captain Marvel jam-packaged with nineties nostalgia, we aren’t surprised these classic cult 90s films are still in demand 20 years on…..