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“CHILI can offer you the opportunity to distribute your film or TV series (henceforth “Content“). If you would like to offer your content to us, complete the form, send us the required material, and we’ll be in touch. If your content is of interest, the licence contract that we will offer you will include a royalty calculated purely as a percentage of the revenues earned by the content by users of the platform (a.k.a. “Full Revenue Share”). We cannot accept court-mètrages (shorts) nor adult content.

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I hereby confirm that I am the owner and/or have acquired all the rights for materials (trailers, images, posters, soundtracks and any other material on any support and format) transmitted here to CHILI (henceforth the "materials"). This includes for example, but not limited to, copyrights, exploitation rights, image rights, rights for the use of music and all associated rights. I further confirm that all royalties and fees have been paid to those entitled to them. You will undertake to release CHILI S.p.A. from liability for any damages or costs that CHILI S.p.A. may incur as a result of claims from relevant third parties or those connected to the materials and rights relating to the materials. Any data that could be attributed to a person in this form will be handled by CHILI S.p.A. as data controller in Italy, with automated methods, for the sole purpose of permitting contact with the person(s) undersigning this form. The interested party may request, at any time, access to, corrections to, or the deletion of all such data by contacting the data controller at The Data Protection Officer of CHILI S.p.A. may be contacted by writing to Info Privacy