Starting Nov. 25, Black Friday is on CHILI: hundreds of titles in super promo

Black Friday

Starting Friday, Nov. 25, Black Friday kicks off on CHILI: hundreds of titles and premieres to rent or buy on super promotion

From Friday, Nov. 25 to Sunday, Nov. 27, it’s Black Friday time on CHILI with hundreds of amazing titles at half price or rentals starting at 0.99 cents.

To take advantage of the in-platform promos, you do not need to subscribe: just register and complete the purchase of your chosen title.

The promotion includes titles from Disney, Sony, Vision Distribution and Paramount, while thematic channels such as High Voltage, Big Names, Winelivery, VDNews, Horror Club, Bizarro Movies, We Short, Beyond, Boatshow, Vativision, Smile, Kids, Musuca, Peplum, Virtual Fitness, Velvet and Agrodolce will always be available for free with commercials, as well as the vast library of titles in AVOD.

An unmissable initiative that allows you to forever add cult movies and titles of your interest to your digital library to watch and rewatch them whenever you want and through any device, be it tablet, smartphone or TV, or simply rent them for a family movie night in the highest quality and at a unique price.

What does CHILI offer?

CHILI offers free and subscription-free access to a comprehensive library designed for entertainment and cinema lovers, consisting of movies, TV series, cartoons, animated films, first releases and snack content in digital and on-demand. Thanks to CHILI, it is possible to buy, rent or enjoy titles for free with advertisements and live an exceptional viewing experience thanks to 4K Ultra HD technology.

CHILI is a platform that hosts thousands of proposals, from the great cult directors whose movies marked the history of cinema, from premieres to action series which will become part of the contemporary cinematography, from nouvelle vague to neorealism, from comedy to blockbusters, from family movies to the best of horror cinema, CHILI “must be the place”. There are also many series collections, available for purchase in different seasons for full immersion in the universe of cinema.

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