It’s time for the BLACK WEEK on CHILI!  

From the latest releases to a rich selection of cult movies, from thrillers to animation for the whole family, it’s time for Black Friday on CHILI streaming platform (  

Until November 29, CHILI celebrates the Black Week offering the chance to rent new movies every day at a special price, starting with a concept that is as simple as it is effective: it can’t be black forever. How does Black Week work? Easy: check day by day the dedicated showcase and find out which titles are available and those that will come on offer. 

Moreover, all users who spend at least €6 during the week will get a 50% off code to be activated from December 14 to 20 on a special selection of titles. Last but not least, the Black Week continues with up to 50% off hundreds of products that can be purchased from the CHILI eStore. And for the fans, the date is fixed for 30th November, where Cyber Monday eill come with the most unmissable promotions. 

Just to mention some of the Black Week movie titles: 1917, directed by Sam Mendes and shot in a stunning (fake) sequence plan; 12 Soldiers, a war movie starring Chris Hemsworth; The famous invasion of bears in Sicily, an animated masterpiece by Lorenzo Mattotti and the Mel Gibson/Vince Vaugh cop duo in Dragged Across Concrete; Gabriele Muccino’s The Most Beautiful Years; the horror version of a classic piece of literature with Greta & Hansel; the unreleased An Extraordinary Friend with Tom Hanks and a modern classic like La La Land.  

Find here the Black Week Selection: 

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