Halloween Showcase on CHILI

Monsters, aliens, paranormal activities, blood. Lots of blood, but most of all lots of binge watching! To kill the wait (never more appropriate) for the scariest day of the year, CHILI streaming platform becomes populated with movies dedicated to Halloween. And no, it’s not a little joke, there is also a section to select movies to stream for free.

The most horror week of the year has started. What better way to wait for Halloween night 2022 than with all the creepiest titles to binge watching on CHILI?

From the latest chapter of Paranormal Activity saga, Paranormal Activity: Next of kin, to IT, from Alien. Covenant (also available 4K) to Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, wired creatures and suspense teem among the late October promotions on CHILI.

Fear, but also anxiety, the unknown, the Other, keeps inspiring the fervent imagination of filmmakers and directors who “haunt” the catalogs of streaming platforms this season. 

In CHILI’s Halloween showcase, we get lost in the meanders of terror that from cult such as Kill Bill 1 and 2, Samuel Bayer’s Nightmare – ideal to welcome you to “your new nightmare” – or Rosemary’s Baby, birthed in 1968 by the genius of Roman Polański and starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes, take literary detours as in the case of The Shining and IT – chapter one and two – the clown shaped by Stephen King re-emerged from the sewers in 2017, and make mandatory stops on the dark roads of The Mystery of Sleepy Hollow, all the way to other galaxies with the Alien saga that since 1979 have been reminding us that – maybe – we should not trust too much in being “the superior species.”

Among the movies available for free streaming, CHILI satisfies  to every horror need, from thriller to splatter, making friendly the front door to three dark worlds through the categories: Paranormal, Monsters and Aliens, and Suspense

Here, too, there is no shortage of heinous murders, strictly arm in arm with sinister serial killers or vampires as in the must-see The House That Dripped with Blood, or zombies, as in Romero’s great classic Night of the Living Dead.  Bleak woods, rebellious nature, exorcisms, mansions and laughing towns with sinister backgrounds certainly do not make their absence felt, dyeing the plots of such movies as Stormageddon and Icetastrophe, Don’t Knock Twice, The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe, Night of the Wild, scarlet red.    

Contatti Press