CHILI ushers in the era of 8K streaming on Samsung smart TVs

CHILI, the streaming platform for movies’ online rental and purchase, has launched its first titles in 8K format. For now, it’s about a few ultra-high resolution documentaries that can be enjoyed via Samsung’s new 8K Smart TVs, but the forecast is to steadily increase the library. The resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels is 16 times higher than what Full HD can perform – and it is supported by the majority of flat-screen televisions on the market. 

Since the very begnning we paied a special attention to place CHLI as a platform representing the cutting edge keeping workng on new technologies. In recent years, we found in Samsung a heavyweight technology partner to try to be first in the market and be able to give our customers the best quality in terms of content and streaming,” says Stefano Flamia, CHILI co-founder and CTO…………….  

So, no panic for those who have a 100 Mbps subscriptionFlamia adds. “We then take advantage of the HEVC codec and apply the so-called ‘double pass,’ meaning we encode once and then a second time to get the necessary bitrate. We jus found it a bit difficult to locate a suitable encoder, but we found a suitable solution partnering with a German company that pioneered 8K. Finally, the audio, as with our 4K content, also offers Dolby Digital Plus.”…………. 

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