CHILI Expands Its Presence on Smart TV with Availability on webOs Hub


CHILI announced it is expanding its presence on Smart TVs with recent rolling out on webOS Hub, LG Electronics’ webOS solution for third-party partners.

Already launched on LG TVs as standalone app and FAST CHANNELS available within LG Channels app, CHILI is now made available on webOS Hub in four European markets to more customers.

With its launch on webOS Hub, which also includes FAST Channels, CHILI app is making its way into TVs branded by Streamsystem, EKO, Qbell, AKAI, Bolva, Majestic, to name a few in the Italian market.

Additionally, it reaches audiences in Germany, UK, and Poland through Smart TVs produced by various brands, including Dyon, Cello, Alphatronic, Manta, United, Sunny, T4TEC, and many others.

webOS Hub is available to over 300 partner brands globally with new versions being constantly released to deliver customized user experience.

“The launch of CHILI on webOS Hub confirms our commitment to place innovation and user experience at the heart of our company’s business model” states Roberto De Piano, CEO of CHILI.

Contatti Press