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Led by Raffaella Borgonzola, CHILI Sales team talks about the goal achieved with the international partnership between CHILI and Angelini Pharma unveiling some tips

Last Oct. 10, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, CHILI launched its international partnership with Angelini Pharma to support awareness and education on an issue that is still stigmatized today, finding in cinema the ideal vehicle to reach a wide and heterogeneous audience, even from a demographic point of view.

Yesterday, Oct. 20, again as part of the collaboration with Angelini Pharma, CHILI oversaw the production and organization of Angelini event “Cosa ci dice il cervello?” in partnership with Piano B, at Rome Film Festival in the context of Alice nella Città, a kermesse conceived to engage younger generations, and went live streaming on Angelini social channels.

#CHILIPEOPLE, CHILI GROUP’s column which talks about CHILI professionals and reveal the behind-the-scenes of CTV, met Raffaella Borgonzola, CHILI’s Head of Sales, who led the project.  

Raffaella starts by telling us how her role in a Connected Tv Company rolls out: “The Head of Sales is the professional in charge of the development and management process of CHILI’s promotion activities: I do work supported by my valuable team I’d like to mention: Roberta Villani and Lucrezia Bottoli, both Account Managers, work beside me daily on the customer portfolio development related to companies operating in the B2C with the aim to structure promotional projects and cinema-integrated communication to share”.  

How does a winning partnership come about and how do you select your partners?

“A winning partnership rises from a mix of various elements and is grown day by day with extreme care of the customer, a determined and concrete management, quick and reliable outputs, but also by the ability to creatively and proactively engage the partner through new proposals” Raffaella says. “Cinema is one of the most transversal and versatile media ever, able to embrace all targets.

This allows us a lot of leeway in the selection of product fields. This is even more true if we consider that GFK Sinottica surveys show that today 58 percent of households have an active subscription to at least one of the main VoD platforms, and the figure is up +10 percent compared to 2020 with about 3 million households willing to take out a subscription. In addition, the audience reachable through post-pandemic streaming platforms also embraces a very wide basin from an age point of view: if GenZ and Millennials hold the primacy of VoD fruition (with a monthly reach that exceeds 70%) and a trend that in turn is “normalizing,” growth continues among older generations (+18% since September 2021, 35% coverage in the month) testifying to a phenomenon that is not only for younger people. However,” she comments, “if we have to make a reflection on the pre and post-pandemic, what seems to be clear despite expectations is that pharmaceutical companies are realities that are particularly open to projects other than the traditional, and our strength lies precisely in creating tailor-made projects that are a superior synthesis of marketing needs, customers’ communication goals, and cinematic storytelling to intercept the target audience.”

How about the importance to work in synergy with the team?

Nobody ever wins alone, and any result comes from teamwork. Working in CHILI gives us the chance to be part of a dynamic environment, and this allows us to get to clients quickly and perform effectively. Moreover, collaboration with other teams is crucial; all company divisions are absolutely involved in our daily work.”

How did the partnership with Angelini come about?

“The partnership with Angelini Pharma was born from a targeted and continuous scouting activity: the secret of sales is to never let go. This is the only way to fully get the picture of the needs of multinational realities like Angelini Pharma in order to be able to intercept their desires and formulate win-win proposals suitable for the achievement of common goals. Getting recognized as reliable partners, communicating with the right contacts, presenting innovative projects, overcoming bureaucracy and winning with a multi-country project makes us particularly proud.”

Could you tell us about the strategic importance an event like Angelini Parma’s talk at the Festa del Cinema di Roma?

“Cosa ci dice il cervello?” is a talk themed Cinema and Mental Health, presented by Andrea Colamedici, co-founder of Tlon, and the youtuber Sofia Viscardi, influencers and experts in the field were involved to reflect on mental health issues through cinema’s storytelling. We selected the most suitable films that could help us deal with these sensitive issues- The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Girl, Interrupted, and Rabbit Hole – and the three screened scenes opened the guests’ discussion involving an audience of young students, a target audience particularly affected by this topic.

We supervised organization, production and post-production of the event live streamed on Angelini’s social channels, on Angelini’s Harmonia Mentis website and which we will soon publish on CHILI platform in the dedicated “Cinema and Mental Health” showcase.”

Why was the kermesse Alice nella Città chosen for the event?

“We chose one of the most important film festivals on the Italian panorama in order to amplify the echo of the event. We linked up with Alice nella città, a parallel section of the festival that is sensitive to the topics closed to young people and that involves students from secondary as a jury .”

Why should a partner choose CHILI?

“We make cinema available to our clients through integrated projects,” says CHILI Account Manager Roberta Villani. “We have a wide, differentiated and complete offer on cinema, we are a fresh and dynamic reality and this allows us to minimize the stickiness of bureaucratic processes. In addition, we are fortunate to be able to exploit the great narrative power of cinema to tell even particularly thorny issues by reaching the public with a fresh language and involving a very wide audience.”

“Among the many activities,” adds Lucrezia Bottoli, CHILI Account Manager, “our core is definitely to carry out promotional activities in which CHILI is the reward for contests, prize operations, loyalty, etc… We work with all sectors and among the many partner companies we certainly boast important names such as Esselunga, Vodafone, Intesa Sanpaolo, Fastweb and many others. In addition, thanks to the collaboration of our colleagues at Hotcorn we produce film-themed events involving talent and develop ad hoc editorial projects.

“We supplement our proposal to clients by also providing media space on CHILI by involving CHILI Media colleagues and also offering in-audience social campaigns built on the partners’ target by leveraging our first-party dataRaffaella explains.

How many countries do CHILI work with?

“As a team, we target the Italian market, but CHILI is an international reality,” says Lucrezia, “so if we find ourselves interacting with multinational companies, the team expands and the goal is reached in synergy with the team that takes care of the partnerships abroad to fulfill the partner’s needs. With Aga Minda and Camilla Jorgensen, the range of the project reaches the countries where CHILI is available, that is to say: UK, Germany, Poland and Austria.”

How important is the follow-up?

“Fundamental,” Roberta explains. “It totally is part of the process. Our goal is to establish a relationship of trust to get to know our partner’s needs and thus, to build solid and long-term partnerships in which we always get in touch propose new ideas and stimuli to create new business opportunities.”

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