CHILI and Xiaomi TV. + Join Forces. Elevating Entertainment with a New Partnership


CHILI Cinema and Music Channels to Premiere on Xiaomi TV+ Offering Users an Unmatched Entertainment Experience

CHILI and Xiaomi together to bring the best of cinema and music to the home screen, further elevating the entertainment experience for Xiaomi TV+ users.

Xiaomi TV+ is the advanced platform for Xiaomi Connected TV (CTV) developed by Xiaomi Corporation and available on Android TV and Fire TV.  

Thanks to the partnership with CHILI, from now on, Xiaomi TV+ users can enjoy complimentary access to six channels, offering the best of cinema and music. This exciting collaboration adds a captivating dimension to the Xiaomi TV+ experience, providing users with a diverse array of entertainment options at no cost.

From blockbuster movies to critically acclaimed TV series, CHILI cinema channels will offer a wide range of content to cater to various tastes. Additionally, the music channels will provide a delightful selection of music genres, ensuring that users can enjoy their favorite tunes anytime.

At Channel 165 of Xiaomi TV+ Alta Tensione is the channel designed for people who seek high-voltage emotions: suspense, betrayals and lots of action, but also giant monsters and lost universes for a multifaceted choice up to the last breath. 

For those who are keen on love stories, Velvet is the channel available at 753 where to hoard broken hearts, feelings, seduction and romance. For users who want to see life in a pink color

For lightheartedness, at channel 752 you can find Smile: the channel sums up the best of Italian, French and American comedy for instant hilarity with the whole family.   

At channel 751 of Xiaomi TV+ Grandi Nomi is the channel where cinephiles can find timeless stars and movies. It collects the heart of the Cinema Classics to watch, rewatch and never get enough of. In a nutshell: the greatest! 

Available at channel 746, ROCK TV is the first Italian channel entirely dedicated to alternative ROCK music. Created by Seven Music Entertainment, since 2001 ROCK TV has been airing 15,000 hours of live broadcasts, interviewing more than 2,000 artists, staging more than 500 events, and listening to nearly 45,000 emerging bands, collecting a real wealth of videos and pictures illustrating the evolution of the Italian and international ROCK scene over the past two decades and positioning itself as a benchmark for ROCK lovers of all generations.

Finally, for those who identify themselves with the cultural movement born in the Bronx in the early 1970s, at channel 747, there is HIP HOP TV which is today the only television channel entirely dedicated to hip hop music in Italy as well as synonymous with a new “multi-ethnic” society that identifies itself with urban music.

CHILI’s six fast channels are featured on Intrattenimento and Film of Xiaomi TV+, so that users can easily find the channel they are interested in.

The importance of this partnership is the combination of CHILI’s premium experience with Xiaomi TV+’s smart TV innovative platform. This allows both companies, industry leaders, to broaden their reach and engage an increasingly large, profiled audience, thus contributing to the evolution of digital entertainment – remarks Roberto De Piano, CHILI Executive Director. 

Apart from being one of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world, Xiaomi is also a key player in the smart TV industry. We always believe that the true value of smart devices doesn’t only come from the hardware, but also depends on the internet services we provide to users. Specifically, for smart TVs, it is the high-quality entertainment content that really matters. We are very glad to be partnered with CHILI to offer unique and excellent TV programs to our users, letting everyone enjoy the very best experience. Said Chan Liu, General Manager, International Internet Business Department, Xiaomi.

Contatti Press