FREEDA, with an international community of more than 10 million people, in the month dedicated to women, launches on CHILI the channel “The voice of the new generations” to give visibility to those who do not recognize themselves in gender categories.

Short videos, usable at any time and from any device, perfectly aligned with the preferences of the new generations.

Bullying, eating disorders, cystic fibrosis, transsexuality, religion and the gender gap: the focus of the stories.

FREEDA MEDIA lands on CHILI with a new free streaming channel. “The Voice of the New Generations“, this is the name of the channel, celebrates positive experiences to promote women empowerment and inclusion through engaging formats.

FREEDA (a digital-native outreach platform with more than 10 million followers globally, including more than 70 percent GenZ and Millennials, and 150 million people reached every month in 82 countries) has chosen CHILI, among the top players in Italy with more than 6 million users, to launch its first free streaming channel and expand the reach of its mission.

All columns and content are presented as short videos, usable at any time and from any device, in mobility and complete flexibility, perfectly in line with the preferences of the new generations.

“When common values meet means capable of reaching all generations, the road to positive change is shortened. The partnership with FREEDA, symbolically launched in the month in which we celebrate women, manifests CHILI’s commitment to the widespread dissemination of an inclusive culture inside and outside the corporate system,” comments Alessandra Ricupero, CHILI’s Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer.

Among the Original are the four episodes of “I am Martina“-which, through the voice of the protagonist and her mother, tell the story and life of the writer, with disabilities and lesbian, who courageously decided to offer her testimony to women who do not mirror the standards imposed by society. “Real People Stories” also talks about empowerment through the stories of female characters who have trod centuries of history, from Cleopatra to Beyoncé.

Numerous pieces of content will populate the channel with sensitive topics that are still too little talked about, aiming to de-stigmatize key issues such as bullying, eating disorders, cystic fibrosis, transsexuality, religion and the gender gap.

In addition to Original Freeda, the partnership with CHILI allows those who land on the channel to be inspired by a selection of films whose female protagonists have made cinematic history, becoming emblems of strength, empowerment, and icons of great social or individual revolutions.

“Streaming represents the ideal channel to convey in a simple way the reality in which we live. The collaboration with CHILI responds perfectly to Freeda’s mission and in this way we will be able to engage even more with our community, promoting values that are fundamental to us such as women’s empowerment, inclusion and self-acceptance,” said Andrea Scotti Calderini, CEO & Co-Founder of Freeda.

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