HEIMAT: A GERMAN CHRONICLE restaured version is on CHILI streaming platform

The history of twentieth-century Germany told through the eyes of Simon’s family and the imaginary village of Schabbach. On CHILI streaming platform (www.chili.com), thanks to the partnership with VIGGO, is Heimat: A German ChronicleThe Cinematic Version, directed by Edgar Reitz, one of the most representative filmmakers of New German Cinema. The restored version of the movie by the Reitz Foundation, shown at the Venice Film Festival in 1984, is available on CHILI. 

Heimat epic was conceived by Edgar Reitz in about 30 years: from 1984, with Heimat: A German Chronicle until 2013, when the last chapter, The Other Heimat – Chronicle of a Dream, was released. Instead, it took Edgar Reitz 10 years to restore the movies of the saga, saving the Cinematic Version. In fact, after the theatrical screenings the films gradually became more and more worn out and the images ruined. Thus, the director, together with his son Christian, digitally restored the original 35mm negatives.  

CHILI’s library includes The Other Heimat: Chronicle of a Dream – Part 1, The Other Heimat: Chronicle of a Dream – Part 2, Heimat Fragments: The Women and, indeed, the restored version of Heimat: A German Chronicle. The chance to whatch the digital version of these movied represents , therefore, a unique opportunity to rediscover one of the most influential and studied sagas of European cinema, edited today with the highest quality, both in terms of sound and images.  

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