I AM GRETA by Nathan Grossman. Stream it on CHILI from NOVEMBER 14

Loved and hated, debated as much as applauded: one of the most important charachters of recent years? Greta Thunberg, no doubt about it: the absolute star of Nathan Grossman’s I Am Greta, the documentary that from Nov. 14 is on CHILI streaming platform (chili.com) distributed by Koch Media. Presented at the last Venice Film Festival, I Am Greta tells the backstage story of Greta’s life as she transforms from a simple student into a spokesperson for the new generation.  

Through the direction of Nathan Grossman, we thus follow the activist from school to fame and the boat trip to New York to attend the UN Climate Summit. “Greta? A polarizing figure, no doubt, although I cannot understand why they attack her on a personal level,” Grossman explained, “She, however, goes beyond hate comments. Her sensitivity is her Achilles heel, but also her greatest asset. A little-known aspect of her? She is very likeable and has an infectious laugh.”  

To mark the release of I Am Greta, CHILI is also launching a special “green” showcase, Fridays For Future, featuring great documentaries about climate change and about the movement aimed to protect the environment. Among the titles, available for rental and purchase, are The Farm of Our Dreams, This Changes Everything with Naomi Klein, An Inconvenient Truth, Human Flow, 2040 – Saving the Planet, and many more. You can discover all the titles in Fridays for Future showcase here: https://it.chili.com/vetrina/e321db06-685b-4609-9500-4f2196741af8  

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