The video streaming platform entrusts iOL Advertising with the concession of selling advertising spaces. Through the agreement, Italiaonline makes its market entry into Connected TV’s field. 

Milan, July 25, 2022

Italiaonline signed an agreement with CHILI, the tech media company that owns and gives the name to the Italian video-streaming platform. The agreement, made through iOL Advertising, appoints Italiaonline the exclusive advertising provider for CHILI TV’s free content. is an OTT platform born in Italy and available in England, Poland, Germany and Austria. It can be enjoyed on all Smart TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones. With no subscription needed, Chili’s offers an up to 8K streaming service, a library of thousands of movies and TV series and free content with ads. 

The advertising offer is made up of premium video formats and focuses on free content supported by advertising: AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand), FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) Channels and native video formats on Connected TV. Content enjoyed through the latter gather over 80% of traffic. Performance in terms of VTR and viewability is above market standards, and brand safety is guaranteed by the high quality of content. 

Through the partnership with CHILI, Italiaonline strengthens its overall advertising offer on the video field and marks its entry into the Connected TV segment, whose market is growing strongly. In Italy, the number of connected smart TVs is growing in double digits year over year (+13%) as well as the daily time spent per individual on CTV (+5%)*. Moreover, the percentage of users who would opt for a free model with advertising or hybrid (subscription + adv) to enjoy the same content reaches a total of 64%**. 

“For Italiaonline this is a natural extension of the scope of our business in the digital advertising field, where we are the market leader thanks to our constant and careful expansion strategy. We are really proud to enter the world of connected TV through a deal with one of the historical Italian players, Chili TV. We came up to be on the same wavelength about the growth outlooks, from the product side, which will see Chili’s offer evolve through the AVOD strategy, to the economic one on which we will focus our efforts as a provider,” explains Massimo Crotti, director of iOL Advertising. 

“Italiaonline’s exclusive license for CHILI’s advertising spaces stands not only as a significant goal in our growth path, but it is a further incentive to offer an increasingly complete and performing service. Italiaonline can boast of human resources, tools and a deep market knowledge; the confidence and energy that we felt are a clear sign of CHILI’s good positioning as an attractive media for many investments in the near future. Our intention is to pursue a planning that aims at improving the offer and expanding the user base through a series of investments that, as a direct consequence, will lead to the increase the pool that Italiaonline will bring to its customers both in terms size and quality” states Giorgio Tacchia Founder and CEO of CHILI SpA.


Italiaonline is the Italian largest Internet company, with a nationwide presence. It operates in the Consumer, SME and Large Customer segments. 

In the Consumer segment – with the brands Libero, Virgilio, DiLei, QuiFinanza, Supereva, Buonissimo, SiViaggia, PagineBianche, PagineGialle, PagineGialle Casa, TuttoCittà and others – Italiaonline reaches 26.4 million unique users* every month, 22.4 million of which through mobile, with a market reach of almost 59%**. In the SME segment, over 200 thousand Businesses today rely on iOL for online presence services, development of showcase or e-commerce-enabled sites, web marketing and digital advertising (including management of advertising campaigns and generation of leads through social networks and search engines) and for all solutions aimed at increasing business and online reputation. 

Italiaonline is present in the Large Business segment through iOL Advertising, the country’s leading the digital advertising agency field in terms of size, supporting the country’s main economic operators in the development of their digital communication campaigns for large and small businesses. 

*Source: Auditel, April 2022, based on research conducted by Sensemakers Minds&Data.  

**Source: Sensemakers’ “Boom video streaming” research, September 2021 

CHILI is a Tech Media Company that has developed a proprietary Over The Top (OTT) platform. It distributes directly ( in five European countries – Italy, England, Germany, Austria and Poland. Established in 2012 as a streaming platform with the TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand) model, today it also offers its customers AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand) service and OTT platform development through its subsidiary CHILI TECH. 

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