CHLI channels on LG T

More free entertainment for LG Smart TV owners with four CHILI fast channels

Milan, Sept. 19 – CHILI and LG together to offer the best in streaming.    

Thanks to the partnership, LG CHANNELS streaming service – available on LG Smart TVs (2019 and later generations) gets wider with four CHILI channels that can be enjoyed for free with adv and no subscription needed.   

CHILI, the streaming platform among the top entertainment players in Italy, also available in England, Germany, Austria and Poland with more than 50 million sessions per year, joins the channel package on LG Smart TVs with always-on movies and content to meet the need of any audence.   

The user interface to surf the channels within LG CHANNELS App is easy and frendly thanks to a dedicated button in te user remote control and the the app placement at the top of the power screen for 2021 Smart TV and later generations. Moreover, to never miss a favorite show or see what’s live, there is a link in the Home Page landng on the Fast Channels’ Guide.   

For those who are keen on love stories, Velvet is the channel where to hoard broken hearts, feelings, seduction and romance. Together with High Tension, CHILI’s channel designed for those who want high-voltage emotional entertainment: suspicions, betrayals and lots and lots of action for a rich and multifaceted suspense choice, will join the first positions of the Fast Channels’ Guide.  

For those who look for lightheartedness, there is Smile, the channel that sums up the best of Italian, French and American comedy for instant hilarity with the whole family.   

Last, for cinephiles: Great Names, the channel where to find timeless stars and movies which made generations dream. It collects the heart of the Classics to watch, rewatch and never get enaugh of and together with Velvet and the other channels, will be easy to enjoy surfing the main App LG Channels’ showcases.  

CHILI CEO and Founder Giorgio Tacchia says: We launched our Fast Channels in 2022 to be provided to third channels: it’s about a service which allows customers to enjoy premium content bypassing the typical subscription and on demand busness model’s barriers. Today, thanks to the partnership with LG, we are pleased to be able to reaffirm CHILI’s mission: to put the user at the core for a free and technologically advanced experience. And, no doubt, it is even more important during these times, where the Smart TV is fast becoming the main distribution model for a personal and customizable offer also from a user-facing advertising point of view. 

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