ROCK TV and HIP HOP TV Kick Off on Smart TV with ZEASN


Thanks to the partnership with CHILI, viewers can enjoy two history-making music channels featuring the best of urban music, published by Seven Music Entertainment, for free on ZEASN’s WhaleLive app

CHILI and ZEASN together to bring the best of urban music to the home screen with ROCK TV and HIP HOP TV:

ZEASN, the world’s leading smart home ecosystem operator, and CHILI, the streaming platform among the leading entertainment players in Italy, announce a partnership that enhances the range of fast channels available via connected TV.

Thanks to this partnership, from now on users can enjoy the iconic ROCKTV and HIP HOP TV music channels for free with advertisements through ZEASN’s WhaleLive streaming app.

CHILI’s two new fast channels ROCK TV and HIP HOP TV are featured on the top two positions in the “Music” category of ZEASN’s WhaleLive app on multiple ZEASN-supported smart TVs, including Philips, AOC, and Whale OS-powered connected televisions, so that fans of urban and alternative music can easily find the channel they are interested in.

With more than 50 million sessions per year, CHILI is the streaming platform among the top entertainment players in Italy. Also available in England, Germany, Austria, Poland and Spain, CHILI now enriches CHILI’s FAST channels set already available on ZEASN’s WhaleLive with two new always-on music channels.

Available at channel 5718 on ZEASN’s WhaleLive app, ROCK TV is the first Italian channel entirely dedicated to alternative ROCK music. Created by Seven Music Entertainment, since its founding in 2001 ROCK TV has been a leader in the promotion of ROCK music in Italy and, thanks to a strong local character, boasts a highly loyal fanbase of video clips, original and exclusive productions lovers that characterize the channel’s identity, including ROCK TV’s major live events, interviews with Italian and international ROCK music stars, concerts, documentaries about international and Italian ROCK icons, and entertainment.

Operating for more than 20 years in the media entertainment industry, since 2001 ROCK TV has been airing 15,000 hours of live broadcasts, interviewing more than 2,000 artists, staging more than 500 events, and listening to nearly 45,000 emerging bands, collecting a real wealth of videos and pictures illustrating the evolution of the Italian and international ROCK scene over the past two decades and positioning itself as a benchmark for ROCK lovers of all generations.

Along with “ROCK TV Star” and “ROCK TV Hits” among the formats presented by ROCK TV we find “CRAZY,” which ensures high-paced entertainment with Ste, Tato and Teo (the unlikeliest VJs on the Italian TV panorama who play different roles in each episode and tell and reinvent the history of music forgetting about what politically correct means). And how not to mention “ROCK TV Live with PINO SCOTTO” the format hosted by one of the most beloved TV personalities as well as a pioneer, with Vanadium, of Hard Rock genre in Italy: we are talking about Pino Scotto, who during the show interacts live with the audience by answering questions on ROCK TV’s social channels with his unmistakable against the tide verve.

For Hip Hop lovers and those who identify themselves with the cultural movement born in the Bronx in the early 1970s, at channel 5720 on Zeasn’s WhaleLive app, there is HIP HOP TV: the channel that  trough the inclusive and cultural power of hip hop, has become a hub for generations who grew up on the wave of rap and trap music. First launched on October 1, 2008, HIP HOP TV is today the only television channel entirely dedicated to hip hop music in Italy as well as synonymous with a new “multi-ethnic” society that identifies itself with urban music.

HIP HOP TV is a thematic, dynamic and contemporary channel with spins of selected video clips, major live events and insights; similarly to ROCK TV is as a multimedia TV-Social-Events project that since its beginnings has achieved very important results, such as the unforgettable concerts for the channel’s birthday featuring all the biggest artists at the Forum in Milan, recording 4 consecutive sold-outs, the historic sold-out at the Arena at the Verona with J-Ax, Fedez, Club Dogo and Emis Killa accompanied by a symphony orchestra, all aired on TV with very relevant audience results. The schedule includes a carefully edited music programming, “HIP HOP TV HITS” with in trend video clips, “HIP HOP TV STAR” which is the channel fully dedicated to the icons of the national and international scene, and “Made in Italy” an exclusive space for Italian artists of the scene. Complete the schedule all the big live events hosted by the channel.

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