A new chapter in streaming entertainment unfolds as a result of the partnership between CHILI and Samsung TV PLUS. As the first FAST/AVOD (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) app on Smart TVs in Italy, preinstalled on all Samsung Smart TVs produced after 2016, Samsung TV PLUS enhances its free content library with six dedicated channels for people who are seeking for quality content without spending hours sifting through countless titles.

To access CHILI channels on Samsung TV Plus, all you need to do is search for the channel number or name from the list or enter it using the remote. No registration or credit card is required.

Moreover, with the Samsung TV Plus mobile app, users can customize your content for a unique viewing experience. Simply download the app for free, choose your favorite channels, set reminders, and organize it according to your preferences. The mobile app is exclusively designed for owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets and is available for download on the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store.

CHILI, a leading streaming platform in Italy and also present in England, Germany, Austria, Poland, and Spain, with over 50 million annual sessions, has built a strong and valuable catalog to leverage in the FAST arena. With a solid network of over 20 distributors and content owners, CHILI manages the distribution of four proprietary channels and two music channels powered by Seven Music Entertainment. With over 60 new titles per month and more than 250 per year, CHILI is constantly updating its channel offerings with fresh and exciting content.

Channel 4992 on Samsung TV Plus

Altatensione is the channel dedicated to adrenaline junkies. Thrills, action, giant monsters, and lost universes, along with heart-pounding races and suspenseful rescues, keep viewers on the edge of their seats with electrifying moments. Horror, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, and action merge on this channel filled with cult classics signed by the most iconic directors and casts of the genre.

Channel 4993 on Samsung TV Plus

Smile is the channel designed for family evenings and afternoons, for those seeking lightness and hilarity. It offers a selection of content brimming with good humor and cheerfulness for moments of relaxation enjoyed together.


Channel 4994 on Samsung TV Plus

Velvet is the perfect channel to indulge in a selection of international and Italian films that pay tribute to love and its nuanced complexities. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic love story, an eccentric comedy, or something in between, Velvet has the answer.

Channel 4995 on Samsung TV Plus

From award-winning directors to critically acclaimed actors and actresses, Grandi Nomi celebrates the talent and artistry of Great Cinema throughout history. For cinephiles and nostalgics, as well as those who want to discover or rediscover the films that have shaped the history of Cinema, Grandi Nomi brings back timeless stars and stories that have inspired entire generations—an authentic glimpse into the classics worth seeing and revisiting.

Channel 4718 on Samsung TV Plus

ROCK TV is the first Italian channel entirely dedicated to alternative rock music, featuring over 200 brands that have graced rock stages throughout history. Created by Seven Music Entertainment S.r.l. since its establishment in 2001, ROCK TV is a leader in promoting ROCK music in Italy. With a strong local character, it boasts a highly loyal fanbase of music video and exclusive original production enthusiasts that define its identity, including ROCK TV‘s major live events, interviews with Italian and international ROCK music stars, concerts, documentaries about international and Italian ROCK icons, and entertainment programs.

Channel 4720 on Samsung TV Plus

Designed for urban culture fans, HIP HOP TV is the first thematic channel entirely dedicated to Italian and international hip-hop culture. For those who love Hip Hop and identify with the cultural movement born in the Bronx in the early ’70s, HIP HOP TV serves as a hub of connection for generations that have grown up with rap and trap music. Founded on October 1st, 2008, HIP HOP TV is now the only television channel entirely devoted to hip-hop music in Italy and a symbol of a new “multicultural” society that recognizes itself in urban music.

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