Streaming and advertising: SpeeD and CHILI together for the Italian market

From pre-theatricals to its streaming service, CHILI offers a holistic and exclusive journey to its users, integrating digital and physical in a cross-device way, throughout the content lifecycle. With its own data-driven technology platform (in-depth customer profiling and targeting), CHILI offers a unique experience to consumers, as well as content curation to owners, and an extraordinary business partnerships. With its totally data-driven approach based on the exclusive use of assets, data and expertise, with its 4.5 million subscribers, CHILI provides customers with its many years of professionalism in managing video content by dropping it into a premium, data-driven and native environment with respect to the new on-demand entertainment dynamics of the audience. 

After the introduction of the AVOD service (free streaming with advertising) side by side with the core business of TVOD (rental and sale of streaming content), CHILI streaming platform relaunches, signing this important agreement with SpeeD, Monrif Group’s provider. Through this agreement SpeeD will become the exclusive reference for the CHILI, not just on tabular advertising on and the magazine, but also for Pre-roll, Post-roll and interactive video formats for Smart TVs. 

Launched in October 2020, CHILI’s AVOD service includes a wide selection of free movies – On-Demand and on any Internet-connected device. The aim is to make Smart TV the central distribution model and build up a personal and customizable offer for user-facing advertising as well. The agreement signed between SpeeD and CHILI was born to come up with the most suitable and performing solutions of the new AVOD model on SmartTV, ranging from television ad-hoc ads, also in high definition, which will be different based on the peculiar cluster targeted guaranteeing the awareness of the spot to a profiled audience of movie-lovers. 

We are living into an increasingly digitized world where the streaming field is growing steadily. The focus is on the new SVOD services (services on subscription with a periodic fee), TVOD and, most of all on AVOD, a market where is estimated a significant growth in the near future, (60bln worldwide by the end of 2026), widening both users and the interest of companies investing in communication and nnovative channels, while maintaining the focus on the big screen specifically on TV. 

“At such a crucial time for the whole but not the only advertising field, this agreement stands as an important chance to position our adv provider. – says Sara Riffeser Monti, SpeeD President – This must be considered a relevant moment of “restart”, of strategic sharing to go to the market new opportunities of integrated communication, aimed at optimizing investments through innovative and highly targeted channels. Thanks to this prestigious agreement we will be able to offer targeted planning to media centers and large national clients, confirming our role as one of the most comprehensive and integrated communication systems of media and titles that work complementary to each other.”  

‘With this agreement CHILI takes a further step forward – says Giorgio Tacchia, Founder and CEO of CHILI – to the full industrialization of distribution and sale of advertising on the AVOD service recently released on CHILI streaming platform. In just a few months we have been able to improve the offer and get to generate the necessary volumes to to close such an important agreement and address the market through one of the most authoritative players such as SpeeD.’ 

SpeeD, concessionaire of the Monrif Group, is one of the most exclusive advertising concessionaires in the creation of highly effective “tailor-made” communication projects for clients of all types and sizes, both on the Group’s own media and on third-party publishers’ media. Among the top players in the country, SpeeD is able to respond to the multiple communication needs of companies of all sizes and product sectors. Over the years it has organized various events, ranging from business to cultural and sports. 

CHILI is a Tech Media Company that has developed a proprietary Over The Top (OTT) platform that it distributes directly in five European countries-Italy, England, Germany, Austria, and Poland. CHILI, which started as a streaming platform, now offers not only the TVOD service with all digital first viewings and a huge catalog of movies and TV series through, but also AVOD, with a large catalog of free movies with commercials. 

Contatti Press