Will free streaming channel on CHILI


WILL MEDIA, the social-native broadcasting platform with a community of more than 2M users producing content on the big issues of our time, lands on CHILI with its new AVOD channel “Will” and the first two exclusive episodes of the new format “What We Eat.”

Milan, Dec. 27, 2022 – WILL lands on CHILI with its new documentary and lots of outreach content.

Founded in 2020, Will Media, the social-native divulgation platform, has chosen CHILI as its streaming platform to launch its on-demand channel.

Through this launch WILL will expand its target audience while continuing to produce content that helps users become aware of the major issues of our time by inviting them to adopt behaviors aimed at change.

WILL, a community created to tell the story of change, has more than 2 million people and generated more than 100 million interactions in 2022 across the eight social channels it presides over.
With more than 18 million accounts reached, 325 million views on social and more than 1.4 million downloads to podcasts each month, WILL is now a relevant reality for anyone who wants to understand more about the changes taking place in current political and economic affairs, technological innovation, geopolitics, sustainability and history.

“What We Eat” is the latest format conceived by WILL, a docuseries produced by Will Media and Food Unfolded that, with the help of Silvia Lazzaris, will take the viewer on a journey to discover how food has changed over the past hundred years, with the aim not to identify “a culprit,” but to analyze the different levels of responsibility of those working in the food industry, in order to chart a starting point toward real change.

Along with the new format “What We Eat”, a lot of content will populate the channel. Among those already available: “Short Docu” and “ma chi è” (https://bit.ly/3hTBDpL). The former focus on Renewable Energy Communities, droughts and environmental emergencies, while in the latter, WILL authors tell the stories of personalities from the historical and current scenario, from XI JINPING to Putin, via Giorgia Meloni and Giovanni Falcone.

All the columns and content of WILL channel on CHILI are presented as “snack” videos: short duration, enjoyable at any time and from any device, in mobility and complete flexibility, perfectly in line with current trends of fruition.

The direct, accessible language supported by the use of infographics and footage that distinguishes WILL products not only makes key messages easy to understand, but also makes the topics themselves become real calls to action toward change, triggering food for thought for a broad audience, and generations.

As with the entire CHILI library, no subscription is needed to enjoy WILL channel episodes, and all content is available for free, intercut with advertising breaks according to the AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand) business model proposed by CHILI.

“The partnership with WILL marks an important moment for CHILI. Not only for its noble and essential mission, but also for the reputation that in just two years and with a young and easy language WILL has been able to gain within its target audience. We are proud that WILL has chosen CHILI, one of the top entertainment players in Italy, as its OTT platform to distribute its content. And with our 5 million users, a reach spanning five countries, and more than 50 million sessions per year, we hope to be the ideal partner to spread and support awareness about the issues of our time, for us and for future generations,” comments Ciro Scala, Chief Content Officer of CHILI.

“This collaboration was created to bring WILL’s content to targets that are always complementary to those native to social because only by getting generations and communities talking to each other can we contribute to change,” says Alessandro Tommasi, founder of Will Media.

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