CHILI is a European Entertainment Company (

CHILI has developed the first and only Entertainment Centred Marketplace, which is a unique experience offering cinema and tv series fans:

  • information and reviews about cinema previews
  • all the new releases in digital form, months before pay tv
  • a catalog of thousands of digital films, tv series, DVDs and Blu-Ray
  • the possibility to buy together original merchandising of your favorite Character and choose gadgets from the films.
  • and lots more

CHILI proposes a wide library of titles thanks to the agreements with the most important production companies, local distributors and indie labels.

CHILI is available on Smart TVs, Blu Rays, PCs, tablets and smartphones. There are no monthly or activation costs, a pure pay per view movie experience.

CHILI was founded in June 2012 in Italy as a transactional platform for Video-On-Demand films and TV Series.
Thanks to the success achieved in Italy, CHILI has expanded to UK, Germany, Poland and Austria.

CHILI is controlled and managed by its founders.
New entered Torino 1895 Investimenti SPA has joined US Studios Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Viacom e Warner Bros as shareholders of the company.

CHILI is owner of subsidiary HotCorn .

HotCorn is a digital magazine dedicated to film and tv series with articles, videos, photos, trends, news, behind the scenes, gossip, exclusive interviews, rankings, and news from festivals and stars. Hotcorn is the place for cinema fans to discover more and share their passion for films and entertainment in a more involved and interactive way. HotCorn has more than 30 correspondents in Roma, London, New York, Manchester, Tokyo and Los Angeles confirming the international scope of the magazine.

In November 2017, Frost & Sullivan awarded CHILI as the European Entrepreneurial Company of the Year for its innovative video-on-demand (VOD) services.

In Italy CHILI is an active member of FAPAV, the association which protects intellectual proprieties, copy rights, whose scope is to contrast illegal reproduction of films and audio-visual contents protecting its members and the entire sector.

CHILI’s headquarters are located in Milan.