The iconic music channels featuring the best of alternative and urban music produced by Seven Music Entertainment land on Samsung TV Plus channel 4718 and 4720 with CHILI

Great news for music enthusiasts: Seven Music Entertainment and CHILI, together to bring the iconic ROCK TV and HIP HOP TV channels back on TV, and specifically on Samsung Tv Plus.

CHILI, the streaming platform among the top entertainment players in Italy, also available in England, Germany, Austria, Poland and Spain with more than 50 million sessions per year, strengthens its presence on Samsung TV Plus’ fast channels with ROCK TV and HIP HOP TV.

Samsung TV Plus isfree TV, pre-installed on all 2016-2023 Samsung Smart TVs, and available for download from the Google Play and Galaxy Store on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets in select territories. Samsung TV Plus instantly delivers an ever growing number of channels across multiple genres. The free, ad supported video service is available in the UK and 15 other European territories, all you need is an internet connection.

Operating in the media entertainment industry for more than 20 years, since 2001 ROCK TV has aired 15,000 hours of live broadcasts, interviewed more than 2,000 artists, staged more than 500 events, and listened to nearly 45,000 emerging bands, gathering a treasure of videos and footage illustrating the evolution of the Italian and international ROCK scene over the past two decades and positioning itself as a reference for cross-generational ROCK lovers.

Along with “ROCK TV Star” and “ROCK TV Hits” among ROCK TV original formats we find “CRAZY,” which ensures a high rate of entertainment with Ste, Tato and Teo (the most unusual VJs of the Italian TV panorama who play different roles and reinvent the history of music with an irreverent and politically incorrect twist. “ROCK TV Live with PINO SCOTTO“, on the other hand, is the format headed by one of the most popular TV characters as well as the pioneer, with Vanadium, of hard Rock in Italy: we are talking about Pino Scotto, who during the show interacts live with the audience by answering questions on ROCK TV’s social channels with his unique unconventional verve.

Born on October 1, 2008, HIP HOP TV is today the only TV channel entirely dedicated to hip hop music in Italy as well as synonymous with a new “multi-ethnic” society that identifies with urban music.

HIP HOP TV is a thematic, dynamic and modern channel with rotations of selected video clips, major live events and original content; like ROCK TV, it presents itself as a multimedia TV-Social-Events project that since its very beginning has achieved significant achievements such as the unforgettable concerts for the channel’s birthday featuring all the biggest artists of the music arena at the Forum in Milan with 4 back-to-back sold-outs, the historic sold-out at the Arena in Verona with J-Ax, Fedez, Club Dogo and Emis Killa joined by a symphony orchestra, all broadcasting on TV with very relevant audience results.

The schedule features highly accurate music shows like “HIP HOP TV HITS” with video clips of the hot hits; “HIP HOP TV STAR,” entirely dedicated to the icons of the national and international music scene and “Made in Italy” an exclusive slot for Italian artists. To enrich the schedule all the great live events held by the channel.

As Giorgio Tacchia, CHILI CEO & Founder, points out, “The partnership with Seven Music Entertainment is a milestone that shines a spotlight on a primary relevance business driver: the user experience of an overstimulated audience who, today more than ever, is constantly seeking quality. In 2022, we launched CHILI’s fast channel service on third-party channels, breaking down the subscription-based business models’ barriers by entrusting Italiaonline – Italy’s largest Internet company – with the exclusive agency of the advertising slots on our fast channels. In this regard, ROCK and HIP HOP TV‘s flexibility, heritage and strong brand identity are perfectly suited to custom editorial initiatives thanks to their loyal and high-profiled target audience, while our partner Samsung TV Plus enhances its offer in a moment where Connected TV becomes the central and tailor-made distribution model also from the advertising perspective.”

Gianluca Galliani, Seven Music Entertainment CEO & Co-Founder thus comments on the new partnership with CHILI, “We are very happy and excited to kick off this journey on Connected TVs with such outstanding partners as CHILI, Samsung TV Plus and Italiaonline. We have always had a passion for new technologies, in the early 2000s it was satellite TV, today fast channels on Connected TVs. With the same enthusiasm as then, we are ready to bring all our experience and our important library to the channels airing from February 8. We feel the responsibility to represent two musical worlds sharing a great passion for the genre, and we will carry on in our mission to spread alternative and urban music and most of all the musical practice that we believe is essential for the healthy and passionate growth of the new generations.”

Cristina Sala- Samsung TV Plus Italy Lead– “Samsung TV Plus is extremely excited to partner once again with CHILI through Rock TV and Hip Hop TV’- The 8th of February 2023 marks the launch of these 2 new channels amongst 5 others reaching a total of 91 channels on this free Samsung pre-installed platform.”

“IOL Advertising is delighted to participate in this new partnership with CHILI. This collaboration further strengthens the already rich offering we are happy to represent in the Connected TV advertising market and is a further step in Chili’s development path as a relevant media player for the advertising planning of our clients who already use it as part of their media strategies.” Said Massimo Crotti, head of iOL Advertising.

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